Interactive Work Books for the violin

on Wednesday, 30 September 2015.

The three violin workbooks in Applause are available as in app purchases.

These book were composed over a long time!  Every weekend I would compose several tunes to take in for my pupils to play.  Some they like and lots they hated! I love the honesty of children.

Using these pieces in Applause enables young violinist to build confidence in their playing. These pieces, in conjunction with Applause App, help to build good intonation in a fun and interactive way.  Applausewill let your pupils know if they are playing out of tune and will help guide their finger in to position.

Violin Workbook 1 Free

This book covers open string tunes.  25 tunes that build a solid foundation which to build upon.  My personal favourites include, "My Next Trick", "Ballade" and "Banana Skin"

Violin Workbook 2 in App Purchase £12.99

This book slowly builds up a solid D major finger patter in 43 carefully graded tunes.  Along with some old time favourites like " Au Clair de la Lune", and "Twinkle, Twinkle" you will find  "Welly Bob Shuffle" and "Flight of the Owl"

Violin Workbook 3 in App Purchase £12.99

Moving on to notes on the G and E strings Book 3 starts to push the young violinist to explore a wide range of styles in 27 pieces.  As well as traditional tunes like "Hush Little Baby and "Skye Boat Song" you also have tunes from Dvorak, Smetena and Fauré.