Violin Tuner

on Wednesday, 30 September 2015.

Applause Easy Violin Tuner

Before you start using Applause you need to tune your violin.

Applause comes with an easy to use violin tuner.

Applause Violin Tuner

With Applause Violin Tuner you will not see any flashing lights or needles that move all over the place.

TheApplause Violin Tuner uses a simple system of a red line under the note to show it's flat or above the note to if it's sharp.  As you tune the violin the line gets smaller as the note get more in tune.

As a rough guide, to help pupils, we have placed a picture of the scroll and tail piece at the top of the screen.  If the note is more than a semitone out of tune the scroll light up, less than a semitone and the tailpiece lights up.  This can only be a rough guide as it will all depend on how far the fine tuner has been tuned.

The tuner starts with a D!

Yes, we've started the tuner with a D! For our workbooks our first set of tunes start on the D string.  If pupils don't need to use any other strings then they can tune their D string and jump to their tunes without worrying about the other strings.