Interactive Violin Tutor by Applause

on Wednesday, 30 September 2015.

Applause interactive violin tutor

Ensure your pupils practise their scales in tune even when you are not around

Applause has over 400 free interactive scales and arpeggios covering 1, 2 and 3 octave major, minor, chromatic, diminished and dominant sevenths. 

The Applause app monitors every note a learner violinist plays and if high or low, guides the student’s fingers to the position where the correct pitch is achieved. Applause  captures data from every note attempted so pupil, parent and teacher can see how tuning improves over time.

Violinists practising with Applause are always note-perfect

The first design objective for Applause was that it should be possible for a violinist to learn to play a new note entirely by themselves, without ever having heard the note played.

It was never intended that Applause should be used in this way, but with such a capability, a violin teacher could have confidence that when home practice was monitored using Applause, it would be almost as if every minute of home practice was teacher supervised. 

Your pupils will be able to

  • Play their violin in tune.
  • Learn their finger patterns for their scales and arpeggios.
  • See how their tuning improves over time.
  • Explore scales by themselves knowing that they will get instant feedback.
  • Share school-owned tablets in lessons as Applause supports unlimited user profiles

Applause makes home violin practice more productive and enjoyable

We all want our pupils to play in tune.  By using Applause we have another tool to help our pupils overcome their tuning difficulties and live in peace with their families.